Have your dog microchipped

By law, all dogs are required to be microchipped by eight weeks of age and that the chip is registered with the correct information.  

Microchipping is a quick and painless procedure in which a small microchip is inserted under the skin on the neck and contains a unique number. The owner’s details are recorded on a national database and are matched to the unique number.

We provide a microchipping service for both both dogs and cats in their own home for £15.

Events often take place around the city offering microchipping for dogs (no cats) where appointments are not necessary, just turn up. 

Keeping information up to date

It is vitally important that owner details are kept up to date. Once your dog or cat is microchipped, you must keep the registration details up to date.

This includes changes to 

  • address
  • telephone number 
  • owner

It is important that this information is maintained to make sure your pet is returned if it is lost.

If your dog is considered as a stray and taken to our kennels you may have to pay a statutory fee.

You can update the registered details by contacting one of the following organisation (make sure you have the chip number) 

  • Petlog - 0844 4633 0999
  • Anibase - 0844 423 1235
  • Pettrac - 0800 652 8977

If you do not know the chip number you can




Marfleet Community Centre

Rear of 22-24

Swanfield Road