Bin the gym - just get walking

Walking app - Active 10
Thu, 19/09/2019 - 12:52
Bin the gym - just get walking

Getting healthier through exercise doesn’t have to mean lycra, sweating and ‘no pain no gain’. Ten continuous minutes of brisk walking can improve your long-term health, boost your mood and help you maintain a healthy weight.

The free Active 10 app tracks every minute you walk, as well as all periods of ten active minutes – which are defined as a walking pace quick enough to get your heart pumping. 

You can set your own goals – from one Active 10 or three – and adjust the goals whenever you like. The app sends you awards and updates as you hit your targets. It tracks your progress over the past week and month, and unlike other apps does not count calories, monitor weight-loss or focus on a certain number of steps. You’re free to simply focus on getting in those short bursts of walking.

Download the app now, pop it in your pocket and get walking. If you’re struggling to find time to fit in an Active 10, why not try - 

  • the school run
  • popping to the shop
  • walking the dog
  • getting off the bus a stop earlier
  • parking further away from work or the shops
  • taking the kids to the park
  • getting some fresh air at lunchtime

You could - 

  • feel fitter
  • ease back pain
  • reduce risk of Type two Diabetes
  • give your mood a boost

 Plus, if you’re walking more and driving less, you’re doing the environment a world of good.

Search your app provider for Active 10, and get more info here