Cold Weather Updates

Cold Weather Updates

February 2018
Are you prepared for the expected winter conditions? Keep up to date with all of the news and traffic updates here.

Weather updates

  1. Met Office
  2. School closures listed here but also check your school website or listen to local radio for the latest updates
  3. Roads and gritting
  4. Highways agency


Driving in icy conditions

In severe and wintry weather it’s even more important to plan your journey. The Highways Agency, for example, provides the latest traffic situation for England's motorways and major A roads.

Road and weather conditions may change, drive with care

When you're on the road, pay attention to the changing road, traffic and weather conditions.

Be ready to slow down and take more care if you need to, particularly on bends and exposed roads. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security - even if you drive every day on the same stretch of road.

Additional information and advice on driving in adverse weather conditions is available in The Highway Code.

Updates on the move

Keep listening to the radio for traffic and weather updates.

The Highways Agency has information screens displaying live traffic updates at most motorway service areas.

More information is available on the Highways Agency website.


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