Direct debit and standing order prize draw

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Direct debit and standing order prize draw

January 2018
Fancy your chance of winning £500?

Paying your rent by direct debit and standing order takes the hassle out of queuing or hanging on a telephone and makes sure it's always paid on time. Sign up by Saturday 31 March for a chance to win £500.

Access the housing payments page to find out how to pay by direct debit and standing order

Prize Draw terms and conditions

  • the Hull City Council Housing Prize Draw is run by the Housing Service
  • the Prize Draw is open to Secure and Introductory tenants of Hull City Council who are currently paying by direct debit or standing order or have new payments in place by Thursday 31 May 2018
  • the closing date for the Prize Draw is Saturday 31 March 2018
  • the first prize is £500, 2nd £250 and the 3rd £100, payable by cheque

To be eligible, the tenant(s) is/are required -

  • to have been paying rent by direct debit and/or standing order for at least 8 consecutive weeks at the closing date of the Prize Draw and up to 31 May 2018
  • to hold a Secure or Introductory tenancy for a minimum period of 8 weeks ending at the closing date of the Prize Draw
  • all winners drawn will be subject to verification checks and may be disqualified if the tenant/s are found not to have met the published eligibility criteria, or meet the disqualification criteria
  • the winners will be drawn 8 weeks after the closing date of Saturday 31 March 2018 to enable arrangements made by entrants during the Prize Draw period to be processed by their respective banks. Individuals may be asked to provide proof of the date their bank received the standing order mandate
  • tll eligible tenants will be automatically entered into the Prize Draw, any individual who wishes not to partake should ring 300300 or contact their local housing office
  • only one entry into the Prize Draw will be allowed per council tenancy regardless of the number of joint tenants party to the tenancy agreement

The Housing Service reserves the right to disqualify entries, at its discretion, in the following circumstances -

  • where the entrant/s owe the Housing Service any significant debt/s including but not limited to former tenancy arrears, recoverable order accounts or garage rental arrears
  • where the entrant is subject to a possession order for rent arrears or has significant rent arrears and has not made an arrangement for repayment or is not, in the opinion of the Housing Service, adequately maintaining a repayment arrangement
  • where the tenant/s or member of his/her/their household is subject to any Legal Notice or Court Order which relates to antisocial behaviour or significant damage to a Council property or property belonging to the Housing Service or in relation to any other serious breach of the tenancy agreement
  • where a tenant who owes money to the Housing Services is deemed to be qualified for entry of into the Prize Draw and is a winning entrant the Housing Service reserves the right, at its discretion, to set any all or any part of the prize winnings off against rent arrears or other outstanding debt
  • all decisions in relation to qualification, disqualification and setting off of prize winnings will be taken by a senior officer of the Housing Service.  The decision made will be final and is not open to appeal
  • winners are responsible for notifying any authorities such as Benefits Agency, housing benefits and council tax, as appropriate, regarding their winnings. It is understood that as any winnings have been gifted to tenants that they will not be treated as taxable income by the HMRC