Go dry this January

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Go dry this January

Go dry this January

December 2016
Give your body a post Christmas break and bin the booze throughout January. The annual dry January campaign from Alcohol Concern has landed and here in Hull we’re going big this year… we’re going to have loads of ways for you to get involved, prizes up for grabs, events and more.

We’ll be updating you soon with details of all the exciting stuff we’ve got planned!

Across the country, thousands of people take part in dry January every year and experience the benefits of a whole month alcohol free.

Visit the Alcohol Concern website to join in

If you decide to sign up, you can look forward to -

• a free app to help you enjoy the experience and keep track of how you’re doing
• more energy
• better sleep (and maybe better sleep for your partner, as you’re likely to snore less)
• weight loss, thanks to cutting out the empty calories in alcohol
• a bigger bank balance to go with your smaller waist line – alcohol isn’t cheap
• a sense of achievement in taking part
• new ideas for fun things to do and alternative drinks to enjoy
• use the challenge to fundraise, every penny you make goes to charity

The aim of dry January is not just to get you to give up alcohol for a month, it’s a good starting point for many people to re evaluate how much they drink. The One You campaign is a health awareness drive aimed at all adults, particularly those aged over 40. While it addresses all aspects of health, drinking less is one of the key elements.

You can access year round support and information on healthy alcohol consumption on the One You website.

Visit the One You website to find out more

There’s also a brand new free alcohol tracker app (available through Google Play or Apple’s app store), which can help you manage the amount you drink and give you an overview of how many calories and units of alcohol you’re getting through.

Download the One You drinks tracker app

To find out how your overall health picture looks, try the how are you quiz – a quick self assessment which will pick up on what you’re doing well and where you need to improve.

Access the How Are You quiz

If you're worried about how much you're drinking and are looking for support, ReNew can help you. ReNew is Hull's specialised service for people affected by alcohol.

Visit the ReNew website for more support