Trusted referrers

Trusted referrers - Community Support Grants and Community Crisis Loans

The Trusted Referrers scheme is available to local organisations that offer help and support to vulnerable people.

A Trusted Referrer can help an applicant make an application for a Community Crisis Loan or a Community Support Grant.   

In order to register as a Trusted Referrer, an organisation must meet one of the following conditions in that they have a duty of care to the applicant because -

  • an integral part of the organisation’s duty to the applicant involves the provision of care support and supervision as part of a rehabilitation or care plan
  • the main function of the organisation is to assist and advise the applicant of their rights to welfare benefits and financial inclusion
  • the organisation has a responsibility to assist the applicant establish themselves, or remain within the community when they are faced with a crisis or disaster, for example, be signed up as part of Hull’s Community Voluntary Sector

Where the application is for a Community Support Grant, a Trusted Referrer may commit to assist the applicant through a supervised spending arrangement. This can be on an individual basis dependent upon the individuals circumstances. 

If interested, Trusted Referrers will sign up to a service level agreement or contract to comply with procedures that will be given during a two hour training session.

If you would like more information or are interested in becoming a trusted referrer please telephone 01482 300 303 or email: