Calculate your local housing allowance

Local housing allowance (LHA) is a housing benefit awarded to tenants that live in privately rented accommodation.

The LHA rate that can be awarded is based on the number of bedrooms that a household needs (up to a maximum of four), not the number of rooms in the property or the amount of rent charged.

You can find out how many bedrooms you are entitled to using the LHA bedroom rate calculator.

LHA rates 2020-2021

LHA rates will only change once a year in April, rather than each month.

The following rates apply between April 2020 and April 2021.

Single room rate £70 weekly

One bedroom rate £80 weekly £347.62 monthly

Two bedroom rate £92.05 weekly £399.98 monthly

Three bedroom rate £109.32 weekly £475.02 monthly

Four bedroom rate £138.08 weekly £599.99 monthly

The calculation

You are allowed one bedroom for - 

  • every adult couple (married or unmarried)
  • a single person aged 16 or over
  • two children of the same sex under the age of 16
  • two children (of the same or opposite sexes) under the age of 10
  • a child under the age of 16

Additional rooms may be allowed for - 

  • foster children
  • joint tenants
  • overnight carers and disabled people, conditions apply

When determining your LHA rate, we will have to decide -

  • who is responsible for any non dependants living in the household
  • single people aged 35 and over and couples with no children. If you are single and aged 35 or over or a couple with no children you receive the LHA one bedroom rate unless you are occupying shared accommodation in which case the LHA shared accommodation rate applies.
  • single people aged 34 and under. If you are single and 34 and under you receive the LHA shared accommodation rate which is based on the exclusive use of a bedroom with shared use of a kitchen, bathroom and/or living room. The exceptions to this are if you are a care leaver aged 21 or under or if you are severely disabled. In these cases you are entitled to the LHA one bedroom rate.

If you have a change of circumstances which affects the number of bedrooms your household is entitled to, your bedroom rate will be reviewed.