Council housing for ex Armed Forces personnel

How to apply for a council home

You can apply for council housing before you have been discharged from the Armed Forces as long as you know what your discharge date will be.

Once you have the relevant discharge papers you need to register on our housing list by completing a HomeSearch application form.

You can get a form from - 

Find your nearest customer service centre or information point

In addition to the documentation listed in the HomeSearch application form you also need to make sure you have -

  • your discharge papers, or a suitable letter from your Commanding Officer
  • a copy of your Cessation of Entitlement to Occupy a Service Families Quarter, if appropriate

Local connection

We give a higher priority to people who have a local connection to Hull than those who do not. You have a local connection if you have –

  • lived in Hull for at least six out of the last 12 months or three years out of the last five years
  • close family who live in Hull and have done so for at least five years (for example parents, children, brothers, sisters or grandparents)
  • permanent employment in Hull
  • a need for specialist medical treatment in Hull

However, you will not be disadvantaged due to time spent serving out of Hull when assessing local connection.  The assessment of whether you meet the criteria above will be made based upon your time before and after time spent out of the city serving in the Armed Forces.

Additional preference for Armed Forces Personnel

The Housing Act 1996 (Additional Preference for Armed Forces)(England) Regulations 2012 provide that applicants meeting certain criteria should be given additional preference for re-housing if they are in urgent housing need. 

For the purposes of the criteria below, the regular and reserve forces are as defined in Section 374 of the Armed Forces Act 2006(a).

The criteria are a person who - 

  •  is serving in the regular forces and suffering from a serious injury or disability which is attributable (wholly or partly) to their service
  • a person who formerly served in the regular forces
  •  has recently ceased, or will cease to be entitled, to reside in accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence following the death of their spouse or civil partner who has served in the regular forces and whose death was attributable (wholly or partly) to that service
  •  is serving in the reserve forces and suffering from a serious injury, illness or disability which is attributable (wholly or partly) to their service

How we award additional preference

If you have a Band B priority and you meet one of the criteria above, your housing application is placed into Band A.
If you do not have a Band B priority but you meet one of the criteria above, you are awarded five points (in addition to those that you are already entitled to).  This means you would have priority over someone else with the same housing need as you but who does not meet the criteria above.