Food waste in the right place

orange tag waste picture

We are working to increase awareness of the need to put food waste in the right place.

We are reminding residents to use their brown bin to get rid of all food waste instead of their black bin. An orange tag will be placed on the handles of black bins across the City.  The tag is there as a polite reminder to you to dispose of your food waste in the brown bin.

The orange tag is recyclable and can be put in the blue bin after use. Collection crews will empty black bins which have been presented as normal. 

Due to COVID-19 the black bin tagging project is now postponed until Spring 2021.

Request a brown bin or a food caddy 

Properties that have no brown bin and instead have a 23 litre green outdoor caddy collection should continue to use their caddy to dispose of food waste.

Access information on what you can put in your brown bin here

What do you mean when you say put food waste in the right place?

We provide all residents with a brown bin or a 23 litre food caddy, kitchen caddy and liners free of charge to help get rid of unwanted food waste. 

A recent waste study found that 26 per cent of household waste in black bins is food waste.

Putting food waste in the brown bin is better for the environment because it is made in to compost. This also means there will be more room in the black bin for items that cannot currently be recycled like hygiene products such as nappies or wipes.

Please ensure you are doing the following to make sure your black bin is collected -

  • present your black bin by 7am on the scheduled collection day
  • we can only collect what is inside the bin. 
  • do not overfill your bin and make sure the lid is fully closed
  • do not present side waste with your black bin as this will not be collected

For more information about brown bin recycling, scan the QR code on the orange tag using your smartphone or android device. 

Remember to use your brown bin or food caddy to dispose of all unwanted food waste such as -

  • bones
  • egg shells
  • tea bags
  • plate scrapings
  • left over takeaway

Caddy liners

If a customer does not receive liners after putting a tag or single liner on their brown bin the waste crew will aim to deliver some on their next visit.

If customers wish to collect liners instead of waiting for them to be delivered they can collect the from a Household Waste Recycling Centre, library or Customer Service Centre, although stock may be limited and there may be restrictions due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.