Council tax information for landlords

The amount you or your tenant pays depends on which band your property is in and the number of residents who are in that property. 

Council tax bills are sent out every March. Every domestic property is sent a bill. It is sent to the person who is known as the liable person.

In some cases the owner, and not the resident, is liable. Although the bill is sent to the owner, in certain cases residents may be asked to contribute towards the bill. These cases include -

  • houses in multiple occupation
  • residential nursing or care homes and some hostels
  • religious communities
  • property occupied by resident staff to enable them to carry out their duties
  • property where a minister of religion lives and works
  • property occupied by asylum seekers

Some exemptions may apply to some properties 

Advising us about tenancy changes

If your tenants change, you need to complete a tenancy information form for council tax purposes.

Telling us quickly about tenancy changes allows us to -

  • reduce the amount of correspondence we send to you
  • issue accurate council tax bills more quickly

We may ask you for additional information such as tenancy agreements or proof of occupation.  This is usually only if you are late giving us information and we have to create backdated charges, or if there is a dispute over liability.

You can complete a tenancy information form and return the PDF form below