Tattoo hygiene rating scheme

If you are a tattooing business in Hull you can join our tattoo hygiene rating scheme (THRS). This scheme is free and is designed to improve hygiene and safety standards of tattooing. Your customers will be able to make an informed choice about where to get a tattoo based on the results of your most recent assessment.

The scheme aims to -

  • drive up standards and adoption of best practice across the industry
  • reduce the risk of incidents of infection and transmission of infectious disease from tattooing procedure
  • promote the use of reputable tattooists


What happens next

Once we receive your application we contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit and advise of any improvements necessary.

Assessment of tattooing business

Your assessment will be carried out on a later date and you will be issued with your rating. 

During an assessment we check that the businesses hygiene standards are meeting legal requirements and good practice such as -

  • cleanliness of premises, fittings and equipment
  • personal hygiene and working practices of tattooists
  • training and professional development of tattooists
  • record keeping

You will be issued with your rating and will receive a certificate and window sticker that you can display. The ratings are -

  1. needs improvement
  2. satisfactory
  3. good
  4. very good