Additional restrictions grant

Additional restrictions grant guidance

The Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) is a discretionary grant which will offer a lifeline to businesses which are struggling to survive nationally imposed restrictions and resulting in loss of trade and income due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The budget for this scheme is a single fixed allocation of £5.2m for Hull.  This will be insufficient to help all businesses impacted and therefore it is necessary to prioritise and follow agreed criteria outlined below.

Applications invited from businesses which meet the below criteria.  Applicants are advised to check that they do not fall within one of the excluded categories detailed below.

The ARG scheme will be reviewed after an initial period of operation.  Any revisions will be incorporated into updated guidance held on our website.  We will also communicate any changes in our business newsletter.  If you wish to be added to our newsletter circulation, please email

The scheme prioritises the following -

  • Hull businesses that occupy business premises, (with fixed premises costs) and have been required to close due to nationally imposed restrictions, but do not have a business rates account (and are therefore ineligible for Local Restrictions Support Grant – closed).
  • Hull businesses, with or without rateable premises, which are severely negatively impacted by national and local (very high) restrictions, but which may not be required to close.  We will prioritise businesses which support/supply the leisure and hospitality sectors and businesses in the events sector.

Please note - If your business is currently able to access the Local Restrictions Support Grant due to being required to close by Government, then you are ineligible for this scheme.  

Application process

Applications can be made online using the form below.

Please note that you should only submit one application per business. If you have previously applied you do not need to re-apply as all duplicate applications will not be processed.

If you experience any issues with the correct business name displaying at your business address when entering your customer details, you can enter these details manually. These details are also collected within the form questions. If you experience any difficulties making your online application please contact us using telephone number 01482 300 300 during office hours.

Please read the guidance and eligibility criteria thoroughly prior to starting your application and have the required supporting evidence/documentation to hand.  The system may time out due to a period of inactivity and the application form will not be saved. 

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the Additional Restrictions Grant  - 

  • the business must be based in Hull
  • the business must have been trading on or before 4 November 2020
  • must be a micro or small business with up to 50 employees, in exceptional cases at our discretion, larger businesses may apply
  • businesses should have ongoing fixed business costs (minimum of £1,000 pa), for example -
    • rent
    • mortgage payments
    • rates
    • insurances
    • utilities
    • equipment rental

Please note: fixed costs do not include domestic property or employee costs.

  • business must demonstrate a financial need/strong justification for support               
  • the business has taken reasonable steps and measures to mitigate the financial impact of Covid-19
  • business must have suffered a fall in income of at least 30% from pre-Covid levels
  • businesses must be able to evidence a minimum annual income of £10,000 (pre-Covid and pro rata if a newly established business)
  • businesses must be compliant with Covid-19 secure/safe working regulations and have undertaken a Covid-19 Risk Assessment – assistance with this can be found below -

HSE Risk - Assessment

Please note the ARG is not intended to act as a wage support measure for individuals/self –employed.

To be a small business, you must employ less than 50 staff and satisfy one or both of the following requirements in a year –

  • Turnover – not more than £10.2 million
  • Balance sheet total – not more than £5.1 million


A number of businesses are excluded from applying for the scheme - please read the attached exclusions document.

General conditions

  • receipt of previous Covid-19 support grants and any support through rate relief, will be taken into consideration in determining the level of any grant award under the Additional Restrictions Grant  
  • businesses approved for funding will receive a one off grant award (not monthly payments) under the Additional Restrictions Grant Scheme
  • where a number of businesses share premises with a common ownership, then if approved, only one grant will be awarded
  • where your business operates from multiple sites, you will only be eligible for one grant
  • the business severely affected by Covid-19 restrictions, must be the applicants main source of income (particularly relevant to  self-employed, sole traders)
  • fall in income levels due to Covid-19 – those experiencing falls in income of less than 30% will not be considered for support
  • the grant application process will remain open until all funds are committed.  We reserve the right to close the scheme at short/no notice – potential applicants should apply without delay
  • unsuccessful applicants will be advised of the outcome of an application by email. There is no right to appeal a decision

Grant awards

Grant awards will be proportional to the scale and size of the business in terms of fixed costs and job numbers.  

All applications will be eligibility checked, including having to meet the financial need/justification for public sector support criteria.

For those businesses without fixed premises costs (rent payable to a landlord/commercial mortgage payments) the maximum award will be £1,000. This will apply to home, site or mobile based businesses.

All other applications will be scored against the factors outlined under 'application appraisal'.
Grants will be awarded at four levels, in exceptional cases at our discretion a higher level of grant may be awarded - 

  • £1000
  • £2668
  • £4000
  • £6000

Please note that the grant award levels were increased on 11 January 2021.  All previous recipients of a grant (prior to 11 January 2021) will receive a top up payment to reflect the change.  Applicants will not need to re-apply for this payment.

Payment will be made by BACS into the business bank account using the information provided in the application form.

Dependent on demand, we reserve the right to amend the level of grants as necessary. We also reserve the right to change the qualifying criteria at short notice if we feel it is appropriate to do so, reflecting changing circumstances and demand on funds. 

What happens next

Applications will be processed in a fair and transparent manner. 
Applications will be checked against the eligibility criteria and if eligible they will then be scored against a number of factors -

  • previous support grant
  • severity of detrimental impact of Covid-19 restrictions (fall in income)
  • number of jobs safeguarded 
  • level of ongoing fixed monthly business costs

We will generally provide the highest assistance to those eligible businesses which protect the highest number of jobs, have suffered the greatest detrimental impact and with the highest business related fixed costs. You will be required to provide evidence of this – failure to do so will result in your application being delayed/not being considered for funding.
We aim to process applications within 10 working days – subject to applications being complete and all necessary evidence provided.  Payment will be made by BACS into the business bank account using the information provided. Applicants will receive an email confirming the outcome of their application.

We fully recognise the importance of getting support to Covid-19 affected businesses as quickly as possible and as such, we are prioritising this scheme.  We expect to receive a high volume of applications and request that you refrain from contacting us unless absolutely necessary.   We appreciate your understanding. Any enquiries should be made to

State aid and Tax implications

Managing the risk of fraud

Government will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud and any business caught falsifying their records to gain grant money will face prosecution and any issued funding will be subject to claw back, as may grants paid in error.