Apply for a premises licence

You need to apply for a premises licence if you engage in any of the following activities-

  • films – any film exhibition unless it’s to demonstrate a product, advertise goods or services, provide information, education or instruction,  or if it forms part of an exhibit at a museum or art gallery
  • indoor sporting events -  a sporting event is any contest, exhibition or display of any sport in which physical skill is the predominant factor
  • boxing or wrestling entertainment (indoor and outdoor)
  • live or recorded music - includes vocal or instrumental music 
  • performance of dance - Morris dancing is not licensable
  • late night refreshment  - supply of hot food or drink between 11pm and 5am
  • selling or supplying alcohol – on or off sales

If you want to sell alcohol, you will also need a designated premises supervisor (DPS) who must hold a personal licence

How to apply

  • complete an application form
  • submit the fee
  • attach a plan of the premises
  • advertise a public notice in the local newspaper
  • display a notice of application on or near the premises
  • send a copy of the completed application form and plan to each Responsible Authority.

Responsible Authorities are the public bodies that must be notified of applications and are entitled to make representations to the licensing authority in relation to the application for a grant, variation or review of a premises licence. There are currently nine listed within the guidance.

Application form and guidance

Fees and charges

Band A B C D E
Non domestic rateable value £0 to £4,300 £4,301 to £33,000 £33,001 to £87,000 £87,001 to £125,000 Above £125,000
Application fee £100 £190 £315 £450 £635
Registration fee £100 £190 £315 £450 £635
Minor variation fee All applications £89
Annual charge £70 £180 £295 £320 £350
Licences are  also subject to an annual fee payable on the anniversary of when each license was granted


Making Representations and Public Hearings

Representations can be made in opposition to or in support of an application and can be made by anyone providing they are relevant to the four licensing objectives listed below-

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • the promotion of public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm

Where a representation is relevant, you will be invited to attend a hearing.

The following information is intended for guidance purposes only; all those involved are advised to seek their own independent legal advice to ensure compliance with the Act and Regulations. 



At a hearing the licensing authority may-

  • grant the application (which may be subject to change)
  • reject one or more requested licensable activities
  • reject the application
  • refuse to specify a person as a designated premises supervisor

If you disagree with the our decision following a hearing, you have the right to appeal to the magistrates’ court. 

Licensing Policy Review and Cumulative Impact Assessment

Find out more about the Licensing Act 2003 policy review and Humberside Police cumulative impact assessment

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