Heritage Learning Service for schools

If you are a school or governing body, we offer -

  • access to high quality cultural learning for pupils
  • support for teachers who wish to develop their own teaching practice
  • a wide range of learning programmes that offers hands on experience based learning to engage pupils with history and art and to support literacy and skills development

Service features

We provide three levels of service each reflecting the different needs, priorities and budget of schools.

The standard heritage learning service package offers -

  • Hull as a classroom - we use Hull's museums, galleries and locations to provide a range of creative and hands on learning experiences
  • planning packs and teachers' notes for each learning programme. These provide workshop outlines, objectives and key vocabulary to make sure pupils get the most from every visit
  • a dedicated school engagement co-ordinator with expert knowledge of -
    • creative learning opportunities
    • local cultural resources
    • creative planning
    • enhanced delivery of the new curriculum

The standard plus heritage learning service package offers all the features of the standard package plus -

  • celebration events that display pupils' achievements in art and literacy at Hull's museums and galleries. This events are designed to maintain focus and add momentum to learning
  • continuous professional development (CPD) events to improve confidence in delivering specialist topics and enrich teaching and curriculum delivery in line with local requirements
  • teacher forum that provides an opportunity to network and share ideas with other local teachers and develop skills working with new history, art and literacy teaching resources

The premium heritage learning service package all the features of the standard and standard plus -

  • access to the Heritage Learning Service handling collections - your school will benefit from access to the handling collections in your classrooms through one of the following two programmes -
    • museums in a box - a six week project challenging pupils to produce their own museum in school using original artifacts with support from experts who will help them investage specialist topic areas linked to the curriculum
    • handling history cases - you will be provided with cases of artifacts linked to the curriculum allowing you to explore chronology and artifacts in your own way

What happens next

You will be contacted within 24 working hours of your enquiry.

Benefits for your school

Your pupils and teachers will benefit from -

  • projects and events that maintain focus and momentum in learning
  • understanding of chronology through access to extensive collections
  • understanding of local history and the development of Hull
  • access to leaning projects proven to raise literacy attainment in 96 per cent of pupils
  • access to original historical artifacts, artworks and documents
  • access to exclusive collections from artists of national and international significance
  • access to museum experts who will offer advice and guidance in planning and delivering your curriculum
  • specialist staff skilled in pitching content to pupils of different learning abilities and styles
  • access to learning experiences proven to enhance knowledge, understanding and develop key skills
  • access to learning experiences that focus on enjoyment as well as raising aspiration, self confidence and engagement
  • a reduction in visit planning time and administration
  • networking opportunities to share best practice in delivering the new curriculum
  • access to special events, exclusive offers and gallery previews to inspire creative lesson planning
  • designed programmes to fit within individual school curriculum planning
  • products and services created in consultation with teachers

Service standards

In addition to our general service standards we will also make sure that - 

  • a 90 per cent excellent or very good satisfaction rating from teachers using the service is maintained
  • 100 per cent pupil enjoyment is maintained

Find out about our general service standards

Statutory service

There is no statutory service