Community right to challenge

You can submit a community right to challenge if you are one of the following groups and feel you could provide one of our services more successfully -

  • voluntary groups
  • community groups
  • charities
  • parish councils
  • local authority staff

Submissions can be made between 1 August and 31 August each year. You may bid for the complete service or a part of it.

Submit a community right to challenge

To submit a community right to challenge, download and fill in the pdf form.


What happens next

We will acknowledge your submission within 10 working days.

Your submission may be accepted, rejected or accepted with modifications.

Your submission will be rejected if it -

  • does not meet the requirements of the service, or is outside the regulations that the council must comply with
  • contains inaccurate or inadequate information
  • has been submitted by an organisation not suitable to provide the service
  • relates to a service that we have decided to stop providing
  • the service it relates to is exempt as it falls outside of the Localism Act 2011
  • involves a service which is already the subject of a procurement exercise
  • relates to a service for which negotiations are underway
  • is not serious or is superficial
  • is likely to lead to a breach of the law, or statutory duty

We will contact you by 30 October to let you know the progress of your submission and any further timescales.