I'm The Girl I Want To Be Programme

'I’m the girl I want to be' is an acclaimed 8 session course for girls aged 11-18; taking young women on a journey through issues of self-esteem, image, sex and relationships; dreams and aspirations and much more.

The “I’m the girl I want to be” course has been written and developed by the Golddigger Trust, an award winning youth work charity (Registered charity no 1120689) who have been successfully delivering the course with hundreds of young women across the UK since 2006.

Members of our staff have been trained and licensed by the Golddigger Trust to deliver the “I’m the girl I want to be” course in Hull.

The course is made up of the following sessions - 

Session 1 – Through the looking glass

This session looks at -

  • introduction to the sessions
  • introduction to the other participants
  • understanding individuality

Session 2 – Mirror Mirror

This session looks at -  

  • understanding self-esteem
  • identifying pressures faced
  • understanding beauty and our enemy

Session 3 – Fashion Victim

This session looks at -

  • discussing fashion types
  • looking at how young people are shown in the media
  • understanding Body image and     Self-image

Session 4  – Bezzy Mate, Lover or Hate

This session looks at -

  • understanding relationships
  • identifying a good relationship
  • understanding difference qualities
  • identifying what makes you ‘you’

Session 5 – Sex and the Nitty Gritty

This session looks at -   

  • understanding attitudes towards sex
  • understanding values linked to sex
  • identifying pressures or sex
  • understanding the reality of sex

Session 6 – Loves Me … Loves Me Not?

This session looks at -

  • understanding respectful relationships
  • identifying emotions
  • understanding true love

Session 7 – Dreams, Quests and Prince Charming

This session looks at -

  • identifying own relationships
  • identifying the right choices for a relationship
  • developing confidence

Session 8 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow

This session looks at -

  • recognising achievements made during the course
  • reflecting on key discoveries
  • planning for the future


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