Managing Anger Plan (MAP)

Managing Anger Plan is a skills based education programme delivered by youth justice services to young people who have been identified as having difficulty in managing anger or have been involved in violent behaviour.

The programme is delivered in a group or on a one to one basis. The programme helps young people to work on their thinking skills, develop safe ways to manage conflict and manage anger.

The full programme is made up three modules which include -

Module 1 – Understanding Anger

This module looks at -

  • Understanding anger
  • Exploring the personal anger triggers and consequences of reacting with anger
  • Understanding the benefits of positively managing anger


Module 2 – Looking Behind Anger

This module looks at -

  • Understanding different reactions to anger
  • Unravelling anger and learning about underlying causes
  • Considering controlled and assertive responses to address underlying causes to anger


Module 3 – Managing Anger

This module looks at -

  • Understanding the steps involved in the Managing Anger Plan
  • Planning steps to achieve positive change
  • Developing a personal MAP involving strategies to adopt a positive response to managing anger and resolving conflict


This programme is provided via Skills 4 Youth and restricted for use by authorised personnel within Hull Youth Justice Service.