Different types of Fostering to suit you

We offer an excellent service to our foster carers and we are the largest fostering agency in the local area with hundreds of fostering households across the surrounding area.

There are a number of fostering options open to foster carers and from these you can choose which best suits your home, family dynamics and life commitments.

Mainstream Fostering

This is where we have the greatest need for carers and what most of our foster carers do. Your strengths will reflect which types of children we will place with you but for mainstream fostering we ask you to consider fostering a wide range of children from 0-18 years.

Mainstream carers are flexible and committed carers who work with Hull Fostering to find safe and stable solutions for children in need of care. Your role may involve supporting a child long-term into adulthood, or providing a shorter length of placement where the child is with you until they return to their parents or are adopted.

Respite care

Respite carers provide a break for mainstream carers by offering a child or young person short periods of time in their home. If you are able to offer less flexibility because of your work commitments it may well be that this type of placement is more suited to you.

Support care

Support carers are similar to respite carers in that they provide children (who may or may not be in fostering) with either emergency or pre-arranged care for short periods of time. The difference is support carers provide support to families who are in need of a bit of extra support.

If you can only commit to short placements and like the idea of working closely with a child’s family then this may be an option for you, please talk to us about it.

Supported lodgings

Most young people are not ready to move on to Independent living at the age of 16. Our 'Supported Lodgings providers' provide support to young people aged 16-21 with the view to helping them make that big step towards independent living.

Special needs or Disability fostering

If you are interested in fostering a child or young person with special needs, educational needs or a physical disability please see the section enclosed and mention this to us when we speak to you.

P.A.S.T (Parent and Child)

Parent and Child Assessment placements (these are for approx. 12-14 weeks) If you have experience in a related role or experienced in childcare/health/education please ask us about this type of fostering if you are interested.

Our fostering process

Fostering Process