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Here you can find information on fostering, the types of fostering available and the support and financial allowances you will receive when fostering with Hull City Council.

Hull Fostering

Fostering or Supported Lodgings is looking after a child or young person in your home when they are not able to live at home with their parents.

At the very heart of everything, both our Fostering Team and our Foster Carers aim to provide the safest care possible to children and young people.

Being a foster carer or supported lodgings provider is not always easy though it is extremely rewarding. If you decide to foster we will help you through your journey of becoming a foster carer.

If you would like to know more about fostering, the fostering process and if it’s right for you, then request an information pack today.


You can foster if you are over the age of 21 (there is no upper age limit) and regardless of your -

  • relationship status
  • race
  • religion
  • sexual orientation
  • gender
  • household income
  • financial status
  • employment status

To foster with us you must have your own home or own tenancy in you or your partner's name and -

  • have a spare bedroom solely available for a foster child to stay in
  • cannot have any convictions against children
  • need to live within approx 35 miles of Hull

Types of fostering -

  • mainstream care -
    • This is where a child would live with you for a short period or an arranged long time
  • support care -
    • this is where a child (whose birth family needs support) may come and stay with you for a short period or weekend, sometimes regularly to support parents
  • respite care -
    • carers look after foster children for a few days, weekends or evenings to support the child’s regular main foster carers

Access more information on these types of fostering

  • emergency, P.A.C.E, and remand care
  • fostering children with special needs or disabilities
  • supported lodgings (caring for young people aged 16+)

Access more information on emergency car, remand care and children with disabilities 

Some of the reasons why local children and young people need fostering

There are many reasons why we may need to arrange for children and young people to be looked after.

Unsure whether being a foster carer or supported lodgings provider is for you

Sometimes the best way to find out if fostering is for you is to hear how other carers have found the fostering assessment process and what its really like to be a carer or provider with Hull City Council.

More information about our carers and providers (Link to new page)

Support and financial allowances available

As a Foster Carer or Supported Lodgings provider you will receive a weekly financial allowance, continuous support and any training you need.

Access further details about support and financial allowances

The Foster Carer's Charter

We have signed up to the government’s Foster Carers' Charter as a sign of our commitment to foster carers. We want foster carers to feel valued and respected for the work they do and their commitment to transform a child’s life. If you decide to foster a child from Hull we will help and support you through your journey of becoming a foster carer.

Find out more about the Foster Carer’s Charter

Access our statement of purpose

Fostering friendly

Access further details on family friendly fostering

Access further details on becoming a fostering friendly employer