Better Life For All

This programme is designed to help young people understand the importance of healthy relationships and to recognise domestic abuse. This is done through exploring various activities as well as looking at case studies and events to show the impact domestic abuse has on the people involved.

The main aim of the programme is to improve young people’s understanding of relationships and abuse.

This programme is made up of the following sessions - 

Session 1 – Introduction

  • Exploring perceptions of male and female roles in relationships and society
  • Identifying domestic abuse

Session 2 – Impact

  • Increasing awareness of the impact of domestic abuse on victims
  • Exploring the impact of abuse in relationships

Session 3 – Actions and Attitudes

  • Exploring attitudes and actions that increase the risk of abuse
  • Introducing safe replacement strategies
  • Increasing awareness of personal responsibility and the cycle of abuse in intimate relationships

Session 4  – Course Reflections

  • Exploring jealous thoughts the impacts of actions on themselves and others
  • Introducing techniques and strategies to change jealous behaviours