COVID-19 travel home to school or college

HM Government on 2 July 2020 set out its plans for all children and young people to return to education from the beginning of the autumn term, likewise as if Hull City Council. Children and young people travel to their schools and colleges in a number of different ways. This could either be -

  • walking 
  • cycling 
  • public transport
  • scholar bus
  • car

Due to the current COVID-19 safe systems of work/guidance which have been introduced parents/carers, pupils and learners are being asked to consider how they travel to and from their school or college ot ensure they feel safe and the safety of others.

Children who live within 2 miles walking distance of the school or college

The council is expecting an increase in the volume of car traffic during the school run morning and afternoon periods, therefore parents/carers of children and those young people who travel independently and live within a 2 miles walking distance of their place of education are being encouraged to either walk, cycle or scooter to minimise road traffic. 

The council has created new cycle lanes on many roads across the city to make cyclists feel safe and secure whilst cycling on the road.

Guidance for the wearing of face coverings

The government recommends that students of secondary age and older wear a face covering if they are travelling on dedicated home to school transport. 

Face coverings are required for people aged 11 and older on public transport.

Find out more information on the exceptions of wearing face coverings

Children who travel to school or college on public transport

For those children whose mode of transport to their school or college is by either one of our public transport operators; EYMS or Stagecoach. An assessment has been undertaken as to the number of passengers and their ability to social distance whilst travelling via public transport following government guidance. 

The council has received a grant to which EYMS and Stagecoach are providing additional dedicated school buses, where it has been assessed, there would be a greater demand on specific routes on top of the already increased frequency of scheduled public transport in place. The council and public transport operators will continue to assess passenger numbers and increase frequency of public transport during the first half of the autumn term to ensure children and young people can travel safely on public transport to their school or college.

Additional dedicated school public transport buses

Following assessment and consultation with academies, schools and colleges the following secondary schools pupils have been provided with additional dedicated school public transport buses.

These buses will follow the same scheduled routes however, they will be identified as for specific academies/schools -

  • Hull Trinity House Academy
  • Kelvin Hall School
  • Sirius North Academy
  • Sirius West Academy
  • St Mary's College

 For details information routes, times, pick up points please access the below document.

Should you have any questions in relation to the additional dedicated school public transport buses please contact us

Telephone - 300300

Email -