Children's Centres

If you want to give your child the best possible start in life, there are a wide range of services at our children's centres across Hull that can help.

Our children's centres offer a number of services for you and your child including -

  • playgroups, activities and events
  • health advice
  • jobs, training and benefits advice for parents
  • projects and activities just for dads
  • parenting courses such as Family Links Nurturing, HENRY, Incredible Years
  • one to one family support
  • home safety information and advice
  • Us Mums exercise sessions for pregnancy and the postnatal period

Visit the Us Mums Facebook page to find out more

  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) support

Visit the Local Offer website to find out more about SEND support


Chatta is available free of charge to all Hull parents/carers of children aged 5 and under. The award-winning app was developed in Hull and helps parents/carers create stories with their children. To sign up contact Chatta at or join the Facebook group Chatta Matters. Chatta is simple and helps give children the language skills they need to be ready for school, as well as providing lots of fun and free activity ideas. All Children's Centres in Hull can also help parents and carers get started with Chatta, just ask!

Your Children's Centre

Some of our Children's Centres are grouped in to clusters based on their location and size working together to provide the best support and opportunities for you and your child. Some of our children's centres are ran by external organisations on our behalf.

On each Facebook page you can find out about -

  • timetabled activities
  • events
  • courses
  • location and contact details

The links to each cluster site Facebook page are listed below.

The Acorns cluster includes Ings and Longhill Children's Centres.

Acorn Children's Centre

The Lemon Tree cluster includes Bude and Dorchester Children's Centres.

Lemon Tree Children's Centre

The Marfleet cluster includes Mersey and Estcourt Children's Centres.

Marfleet Children's Centre

The Priory cluster includes Ainthorpe and Windmill Children's Centres.

Priory Children's Centre



The Parks cluster includes McMillan Children's Centre.

Parks Children's Centre

The children's centres below are run by voluntary organisations. 


The Fenchurch cluster includes Octogon, Bricknell and Marvel House Children's Centres and are delivered by The Goodwin Development Trust.

Fenchurch Children's Centre

Little Stars Children's Centre is delivered by Child Dynamix.

Little Stars Children's Centre

The Rainbow Centre is delivered by Pickering and Newington Development Association (PANDA).

The Rainbow Children's Centre 20200120161543