Book of Remembrance

Book of Rememberance
An entry into the Book of Remembrance is a special way to remember a loved one. All the entries are hand-lettered by calligraphers and illustrated by a team of artists. 

The Book of Remembrance is displayed at the Crematorium and is accessible every day of the year. The pages are turned each morning, so that day’s entries can be viewed. Entries will automatically be included in all electronic versions of the book, this can be accessed at -

  • Chanterlands Crematorium
  • Priory Woods
  • Eastern Cemetery

You can also view the books online using the link below.

View our Book of Remembrance

Book of Remembrance

When ordering an entry please note that line one of the inscription is for the name only. All the other lines are for the dedication. Each line must consist of a maximum of 40 letters including spaces only. Please note it can take up to four months from placing the order, further details will be provided when an inscription is requested.

An entry into The Book of Remembrance has no lease, therefore there is no end date to your entry and so an everlasting tribute to your loved one.

Memorial Cards and Deluxe Booklets

Memorial Cards and Deluxe Booklets contain an exact hand-written copy of your loved one’s memorial entry, including the illustration. You may also choose to commission a book or card instead of having an entry in the Book of Remembrance.

The Deluxe Booklets have space for additional entries, allowing you to create a unique family memorial that can be passed down through generations. The perfect way to keep your own personal reminder with you wherever you go, and look at whenever you wish.

Book of Remembrance entries

Entry type Cost
Two lined inscription (line one name, line two for dedication) £83.50
Five lined inscription (line one name only, lines two to five for dedication) £130
Eight lined inscription (line one name only, lines two to eight for dedication) £195
Five lined inscription with emblem this cannot be a coat of arms £210
Eight lined inscription with emblem, this cannot be a coat of arms £260
Full heraldic device with supporters, mantling and so on, with eight lined inscription £282
Crests, badges or floral emblems extra £100

Memorial Card die stamped

Entry type Cost
Two lined inscription  £60
Five lined inscription £65
Eight lined inscription £70

Deluxe Booklet with one inscription

Entry type Cost
Two lined inscription £82
Five lined inscription £102
Eight lined inscription £120

Subsequent inscription in Deluxe Booklet

Entry type Cost
Two lined inscription £52
Five lined inscription £60
Eight lined inscription £55

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