Community Programme

Community is a skills based education programme delivered within the youth justice service to young people who have been involved in domestic or non-domestic burglary.

This programme is delivered as a group or on a one to one basis. The programme helps young people to work on their thinking skills, understand the impacts of burglary and develop positive decisions making skills.

The full programme is made up of 3 modules which include -

Module 1 – Understanding Community

This module looks at - 

  • understanding community citizenship and social responsibility
  • understanding the impacts of financial and material loss
  • impacts of the offence on victim

Module 2 – Understanding Impacts

This module looks at -

  • understanding the serious nature of burglary
  • learning about personal space and impacts of violation
  • understanding the realities and challenges of household insurance
  • exploring the wider impacts of burglary on local communities

Module 3 – Moving Forward

This module looks at -

  • exploring personal triggers to burglary
  • planning steps to positive change
  • engaging in a restorative process


This programme is provided via Skills 4 Youth and restricted for use by authorised personnel within Hull Youth Justice Service.