Apply for your venue to be approved for Marriage

If you have a building that you think would be the perfect location to hold civil weddings and civil partnership ceremonies, you need to apply for a license.

We can send you a booklet that contains information on all legal requirements, practical advice and also the application form that you will need to complete.

With your application you will need to provide-

  • three copies of a plan of the premises showing the room(s) in which the ceremonies will take place
  • copies of current health and safety certificates and fire certificates
  • copies of relevant planning permissions
  • a copy of the public liability insurance

There is a £900 application fee which you can pay online using a debit or credit card or choose the option to raise an invoice when completing the application form. The application fee is not refundable, even if your application is not approved.

All applications are subject to a 21 day public notice period.

Suitable venues

We will accept applications from venues that -

  • are permanent structures that can't be moved 
  • are structures that are not open to the elements
  • are places that are dignified 
  • have no recent or current connection with any religion
  • have one room that can be registered as the ceremony room which is for the sole use from one hour before the ceremony
  • have unrestricted access for the public to witness the marriage and/or make an objection
  • that meet disabled access requirements

Outside structures

Outside structures must:-

  • be part of a larger venue with other approved ceremony rooms 
  • have a brick, stone, concrete or wooden base
  • have a waterproof roof supported by brick, stone, concrete or wooden pillars 
  • have an open front wide enough to allow the ceremony party to enter
  • be a minimum of three meters squared
  • be able to be separated from other activities from one hour before the ceremony

The License

Once granted the license is valid for three years and license holders must meet the requirements and conditions of the licence or it can be withdrawn.

Detailed information about the license requirements are included in the application booklet .


We advise that you contact the registration service to discuss your application before you apply for a license . 

The registration service manager will visit your venue before you complete the application and will advise you of any issues that may mean your application is not be approved.  They will be able to help identify any unique selling points that your venue offers and provide practical advice on things to consider when planning to host a ceremony.

You can contact the Registration Service by calling 01482 300 300 or by emailing