Fees for Marriage and Civil Partnerships

If you are looking to book your wedding or civil partnership ceremony at either the Guildhall or on one of our approved venues you can find a full range of our fees and charges below. 

All fees and charges are subject to change and are usually increased in April each year. The fee that you pay is the fee on the date of your ceremony and not at the time of booking. 

Notice of Marriage or Civil Partnership Fees

An administration fee for notice appointments applies to all Saturday appointments, and also when an appointment needs to be arranged if you have failed to attend or you need an additional appointment having not provided the required documents when attending your appointment.

Terms and conditions

  • a booking fee is applicable to all bookings, this charge is made to secure the date and time of your ceremony. This is not an additional charge this amount is deducted from the balance of the ceremony fee applicable
  • all booking fees paid are not refundable and not transferable
  • the ceremony fee payable is the fee applicable on the date of your ceremony and not at the time of booking. All fees and charges are subject to an increase in April each year
  • the full ceremony fee payable must be paid 12 weeks in advance of the date of the ceremony or at the time of booking if this is less than 12 weeks prior to the date of the ceremony
  • if in the event of cancellation ceremony payments made are not refundable if the ceremony is cancelled less than one calendar month prior to the date of the ceremony
  • to cancel a ceremony booking we require this request in writing and this must be signed by both parties. Booking fees are not refundable in all cases