Urgent marriages and civil partnerships

When one party is seriously ill and not expected to recover, a ceremony can take place quickly by obtaining a Registrar General's License.

To enquire if it will be possible to obtain a Registrar General's License you will need to contact the Register Office in the district that the person is located.

Ceremonies under Registrar Generals License can take place at any location including the persons home, a hospital or hospice.

Where possible you should contact the relevant register office during office hours so that the necessary arrangements can be made. 

To discuss a marriage under a Registrar Generals License within Hull please contact us by telephoning 01482 300 300 or by emailing register.office@hullcc.gov.uk

A letter from the Doctor in medical attendance will be required.  A template for the doctor to use for this purpose is provided below, this template should be copied onto letter headed paper.