Coronavirus - Toolkit and Resources

We have launched a local campaign to maximise awareness and compliance with the latest COVID-19 advice and to help stop the spread of the virus in Hull.

This campaign is part of the Local Outbreak Prevention & Management Plan for Hull which aims to prevent and control outbreaks whilst enabling the easing of the national lockdown and helping us all to return to what will be a new normal. Therefore, engaging with all segments of the city is crucial.

We have therefore produced a toolkit for all partners and supporters to assist with the latest government advice. These assets can be downloaded, personalised and displayed within your organisation to show support and highlight the importance of following the guidance and ensuring everyone remains vigilant and safe.

The templates and other materials are available in various formats for you to download. If you need help to access or use the materials please contact the Marketing team on

To access the images, right select over the image you would like and select save image as.

Government assets

Please use the link below to access the assets provided by government for the lockdown until at least mid-February.

Government assets