Essential visits from professionals and use of PPE

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During the Coronavirus outbreak, some essential visits still need to happen from people like - 

  • health and care visitors
  • social workers
  • housing staff

Sometimes they will need to wear personal protective equipment called 'PPE'. This is -

  • gloves
  • apron
  • face masks
  • eye protection (sometimes)

It's part of the measures to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Professionals who visit your home during this time will not normally wear PPE. 

They need to wear PPE if -

  • someone in the household has a specific health condition which means they are being 'shielded' for  an initial 12 weeks
  • someone in the household has symptoms of the Coronavirus
  • they need to be closer than two metres to someone to carry out their job. For example, weighing a baby

What you can do

You should - 

  • make sure you check the identify of the visitor
  • tell the visitor if anyone in the house has a new continuous cough or a high temperature
  • keep everyone more than two metres away from the visitor
  • wash your hands often

If you are unclear or have any questions please ask your visitor. 

Support and advice

Further information about Coronavirus can be accessed here

Access more information If you have a child with a special educational need and/or disability 

Find out more information for emotional health and wellbeing support, advice and guidance

More information can be found here if you are aware of someone in Hull who is vulnerable and has no one else to help

Access the leaflet below