The Annual Canvass

Each year we must check we have the correct household voter registration details.

We do this by sending out a Household Enquiry Form to every property. This lists everyone currently registered to vote at the address. It is a legal requirement for householders to respond to the Household Enquiry Form even if there are no changes to your details. The forms are addressed to ‘The occupier’ as they are about the residents at the address and not a specific individual. 

The forms were posted on Friday 12 July and householders need to respond by 5 August 2019

What you need to do

When you receive your form - 

  • check the details that are printed on the inside are correct. Any adult in the household can respond to the form
  • if you registered to vote after 27 June  your name may not show on the form. You will need to add your name, so that we know you are still at the property
  • if someone is listed on the form has moved out, please let us know they are no longer at the property
  • if somebody isn’t listed on your form and they are eligible to be registered to vote, you will need to let us know their name.  This does not register them to vote


How to respond

You can respond to the Household Enquiry Form online, and if there are no changes to make for your household, you can also choose to respond by text or using the automated phone service.

Instructions of how to respond and your security code will be printed on the form.

Alternatively, you can complete the paper form and post it back to us for free in the envelope provided. If you respond online, by phone or text, you don’t need to return the paper form.

If you lose your form you can contact us by email at the below email address and tell us your address, the names of everyone 16 years or over and their nationalities.

Email -

What happens next?

  • if there are no changes, then you do not need to do anything else
  • if you have told us about new people at your address, then they each need to register to vote
  • if anyone’s details have changed, such as their name, we may need to write to them to ask them for additional information.