Annual Canvass

Annual Canvass

The annual canvass commences in June each year and requires that we contact all residential properties to confirm that all of the details which we hold for that address are correct. This then allows to build an up to date, accurate new Electoral Register which is published on Tuesday 1 December.  

Canvass Reform 2020

New Government legislation now requires that we match property data from the DWP and also perform Local Data Matching to determine which route the property canvass will take.

The canvass will now be split into the following routes –

Route One - Matched Properties (where all electors match in one address)

Initially, we have sent emails to 24,000 residents of Hull asking them to confirm that the details we hold for the residents registered at their property are correct.

Following this on 10 July, the properties which have not responded to the initial email and all other Route one properties which we don't hold email details for will be sent a letter (Canvass Communication A) informing the occupier/s of who is currently registered at the address. No response is required to this unless there are changes to be made to the register.

Route Two - Unmatched Properties

On 10 July, we will send a letter (Canvass Communication B) to all route two properties informing the householder of who we have registered. This requires either an online or telephone response, (there will be no reply envelope included).

If we do not receive a response to the CCB, a canvass form, similar to the Household Enquiry Form, will be posted to them with a reply envelope (they can still respond online or by telephone).

If we still do not receive a response then a Personal Canvass (door knock) will take place. This final stage is where we deploy canvassers to visit non-responding properties.

Route Three - Special category properties

These are properties such as care homes, houses of multiple occupation and University Campus properties. All of these establishments will be contacted individually by Electoral Services.