Parliamentary Boundary Review

The UK Parliament has decided to reduce the number of constituencies from 650 to 600. In England the number of constituencies will reduce from 533 to 501. This is to make sure that every new constituency has roughly the same number of electors, no fewer than 71,031 and no more than 78,507. 

The review is to take place over approximately two and half years in three stages.

Stage one

Initial proposals were published on Tuesday 13 September 2016 beginning a 12 week public consultation period which ended on Monday 5 December 2016.

Stage two

Feedback from the initial consultation period is to be published in spring 2017, followed by a four week consultation period where the public invited to comment on that feedback.

Stage three

The commission is to review the initial and secondary consultations to revise proposed boundaries.

In early 2018 a third consultation is to take place for either weeks to ask for comments on the revised proposals.

Final recommendations are to be submitted to parliament in September 2018.

Visit the Boundary Commission for England website to comment on the proposals