Area Committees

We aim to bring about faster decision making, greater openness, better quality services and greater public participation in local government.

You can get involved in local decision making by taking part in area committee meetings and ward and neighbourhood forums.

Seven area committees cover the city -

Riverside area committee
Find out who is on the Riverside area committee

East area committee
Find out who is on the East area committee

Foredyke area committee
Find out who is on the Foredyke committee

North area committee
Find out who is on the Northern area committee

Park area committee
 Find out who is on the Park area committee

West area committee
 Find out who is on the West area committee

Wyke area committee
 Find out who is on the Wyke area committee

Each committee meets in their area every other month. 

The committees, led by the area’s ward councillors, are responsible for making decisions on all items that can be delegated from the Guildhall. All of these meetings are open to the public.

Smaller ward, neighbourhood forums or forums on the move have also been set up to enable issues to be discussed at grass roots level. These allow people to have a say on issues affecting their neighbourhoods, not just council services. Matters raised can then be referred to the area committees for action.

Each area committee is supported by a dedicated neighbourhood coordination team that is responsible for developing networks with local groups, including forums.

Although the ward councillors have the ultimate responsibility for decision making, they rely on you for information to reflect public opinion. As more people become involved in forums and area committees, the decisions made will truly become community decisions.

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