Knife Crime Programme

This programme is designed to help young people understand the law on offensive weapons and knife crime. This is achieved by exploring real life case studies and events to show the impacts they have on the people involved.

The main aim of the programme is to improve young people’s understanding of knife crime prevention and encourage them to stay safe in the community.

The programme is made up of the following sessions - 

Session 1 – Introduction

  • identifying ground rules
  • introducing the aims and objectives of the programme
  • understanding the laws on knife crime
  • defining what offensive weapons are

Session 2 – Understanding Knife Crime

  • identifying reasons why young people may carry weapons
  • looking at the statistics of knife crime
  • understanding the consequences of knife crime for the people involved

Session 3 –

  • understanding the different roles in a knife crime
  • understanding the stories of past events
  • looking at the confession log

Session 4  –

  • looking at ‘what would you do’
  • understanding ways to report knife crime
  • identifying the effects of knife crime

Session 5 –

  • processing previous learning
  • identifying how to stay safe and be street wise

Session 6 –

  • effects of life changing injuries caused by knife crime
  • understanding the history of knives