Positive Choices Programme

Positive Choices is a thinking skills programme delivered by the youth justice service. Through this programme we support young people to think about their situations and understand the consequences of crime to themselves, their families, victims and their communities.

Young people are supported through this programme to look at their behaviour and develop thinking skills to make better choices and decisions in the future.

The programme is delivered on a one to one basis with a member of the HYJS Intervention Team. 

The full programme is made up of 6 modules which include - 

Foundation Module 1 – Personal Awareness

This module looks at - ;

  • offence triggers
  • consequences of offending
  • building personal shields

Foundation Module 2 – Thinking Skills

This module looks at -

  • the stages of offending
  • using thinking skills to avoid offending
  • changing the offence using thinking skills

Option Module 1 – Decision Making

This module looks at -

  • the consequences of positive and negative pressures
  • managing negative pressures and making positive decisions

Option Module 2 – Empathy

This module looks at -

  • understanding empathy
  • looking at the victims point of view
  • the impacts of offending on victims and others

Option Module 3 – Influences

This module looks at -

  • how influences play a part in offending
  • how to manage negative influences

Closure Module – Positive Futures

This module looks at -

  • achievements in the programme
  • how to use skills to avoid offending in the future
  • creating a personal support plan


This programme is provided via Skills 4 Youth and restricted for use by authorised personnel within Hull Youth Justice Service.

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