Referral Orders

A Referral Order is the main sentencing disposal in cases where the young person pleads guilty and is appearing for the first time for an imprisonable criminal offence. 

The purpose of the order is to help you -

  • stop offending
  • understand how your victim feels
  • put right some of the harm caused
  • access suitable resources for help and support

You are given a worker from the Hull Youth Justice Service who supports and helps you to do the things included in your order.

Your referral order begins on the date that your contract is signed at the first panel meeting.

What happens next

Your worker contacts you to introduce themselves and to make an appointment  to meet you and your parents or carers.

The appointment might be at your home or at the Hull Youth Justice Service office. They talk to you about the offence and look at the reasons behind your offending. They will also find out more about you and your lifestyle. 

Your case manager puts all of this information together and produce a report which goes to your panel meeting. This report contains information about you and your offences.

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What you can expect from us

You should expect to -

  • be seen regularly and on time
  • have things explained to you in a way that you understand
  • have a say in the work you are asked to complete
  • be treated fairly and with respect

If for any reason you are unable to attend one of your appointments, you must inform your worker as soon as possible with a good explanation.

If you miss appointments without a good reason you are returned to the panel to explain why you have missed appointments.