Triage offers the opportunity to assess all young people coming into police custody or contact through arrest, and to intervene earlier with appropriate referrals through the welfare route; it is anticipated that earlier intervention on negative factors in a young person’s life can contribute to reducing the risk of further offending.

Triage intervention eligibility 

Young people with no previous, a previous caution, and or the offence has a gravity score of 1,2 or 3 (as determined by the police) would be eligible to take part in the triage intervention. 

The young person would also need to -

  • be 17 or under
  • live in Hull
  • admit the offence (either at the point of contact or via interview)
  • willing to engage with us after an assessment

A parent or carer would also need to agree to the triage intervention offer.

When a young person has been referred to us for the triage intervention by the police, a case manager will meet with the young person and their parents or carers at home. This first meeting will be to complete an assessment and discuss the intervention required.

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