Clued Up

Clued Up is an interactive group work programme that supports young people to make better decisions, take positive control over their lives and avoid offending. The programme uses exercises to - 

  • understand thinking patterns
  • look at decision making
  • consider pressures and influences
  • explore choices and consequences
  • try out new ideas
  • prepare for a positive future

Young people follow the journey of a fictional character that is created by the group. The characters story will be used to explore areas of offending and thinking.

Over the course of the programme there will be sessions that address the following -

  • identifying triggers to offending
  • understanding positive thinking skills
  • improving decision making and managing peer pressure
  • understanding the victims perspective
  • planning a positive future

The Clued Up programme also offers additional sessions aimed at managing anger and resisting temptation. There is also one additional module that explores exiting offending cycles.


‘Positive Choices’ is a product licenced from Skills 4 Youth and restricted for use by authorised personnel within Hull Youth Justice Service. Positive ChoicesTM

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