Prevent Programme

Prevent is a skills based education programme delivered within the youth justice service to young people to prevent involvement in crime.

This programme is delivered as a group or on a one to one basis. The programme helps young people to work on their thinking skills, understand the impacts of anti-social behaviour and crime and develop positive decisions making skills.

The programme is made up of 4 modules which include -

Module 1 – Understanding ASB & Crime

This module looks at -

  • understanding why certain behaviours are classed as anti-social and criminal
  • exploring concepts of harm, damage, loss and distress

Module 2 – Thinking Skills

This module looks at -

  • understanding the victims perspective
  • understanding positive approaches to handle difficult situations to prevent ASB or Crime

Module 3 – Decision Making

This module looks at -

  • managing negative peer pressure
  • making positive decisions through thinking

Module 4 – Understanding Impacts

This module looks at -

  • understanding impacts of ASB / Crime upon victims and communities
  • using empathy to guide positive behaviours



This programme is provided via Skills 4 Youth and restricted for use by authorised personnel within Hull Youth Justice Service.