Reparation is a way for people to pay back for the harm caused by committing a crime. This can include repairing harm directly with the victim or giving back to the community. The victim (the person harmed) will usually have a say on how this is done.

Reparation can include -

  • work with the victim, such as an apology either spoken or written, financial or supervised activity-based reparation.
  • work with the community. This includes a variety of activities allowing you to ‘pay back’ to the community.

Reparation is designed to help young people understand the effects / consequences of offending and take responsibility for their behaviour.

The reparation time can be used to make amends with the victim or to the local community if the victim does not want to be involved.

Examples of reparation include the following - 

  • victim / offender mediation
  • cleaning (including removal of graffiti)
  • gardening

We are also open to any suggestions for future reparation projects, you can suggest these by using the below contact form or by emailing