Youth Rehabilitation Order - YRO

A Youth Rehabilitation Order (YRO) is imposed by a court on young people under the age of 18 when they are being sentenced for committing a criminal offence. 

The length of the order will be stated by the court -

  • the maximum length that can be imposed is three years.
  • the YRO takes effect on the day that it is made
  • the YRO lasts until the end of the longest requirement

Some requirements might have shorter timescales and finish before the end of the YRO. There is no minimum length although in practice orders shorter than three months are rarely made. 

The YRO will have requirements attached to the order these can be one or more of the following -

  • Supervision
  • Activity
  • Programme
  • Curfew
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Exclusion
  • Unpaid Work
  • Prohibited Activity
  • Attendance Centre 

What this means for you -

This is an order given by the court because you have committed an offence.

The purpose of the order is to help you -

  • stop offending
  • understand how your victim feels
  • put right some of the harm caused

You are given a worker from the Hull Youth Justice Service who supports and helps you to do the things included in your order.

Your order begins from the date it was given to you at court.


What happens if you do not work with us

If you do not follow the agreement of the YRO without a good reason your youth justice officer gives you a written warning. If you do not comply after a warning has been given this may mean that you are sent back to court. If this happens, the court may ask you why you have not completed the requirements of your order. The court may give you new requirements or a different order including the possibility of a prison sentence. This would depend on your original offence and how well you have followed these instructions so far.


What we do

We explain why and how we support you to stop offending.

We talk to you about what you have done and what effect it had on the victim or other people involved in your offence.

We answer any questions you have that help you complete the order and stop offending.

We follow your progress to make sure that your taking part and help you to stop offending. We want you to have a good life and succeed.

We respect you and your information but we may share it with Police, prison service, probation, social services, health schools and personal advisers to manage any risk of harm your behaviour may pose or any risk to you.

If you tell us that you are not safe, we need to share this with other people to make you safe, this is explained to you if we have to do this.

If something happens to you or you need help with  something you can tell your youth justice officer. They can support you and try to help you as best they can.



We work with young people based on their needs. So even if you did the offence with someone else your sentence or order may not be the same. You may be given different activities or restrictions and your order length may be different.

The amount of time you work with us could change if you complete the requirements of your order and do well, this also changes if you reoffend or do not follow instructions. Your youth justice officer explains any changes to you.

While you are with us you always have the chance to give your views on the service and are asked how you feel and how we may have helped you.