Firework and bonfire safety

If you are thinking of using fireworks, you need to handle and store them carefully to protect you, your family and friends safety.

Firework and Bonfire Safety (FAB)

The Firework and Bonfire Safety Group (FAB) is a multi agency task force looking at the safety of the public over mischief night and 5 November, working to reduce the sale of illegal fireworks and organise the removal of illegal bonfires.

The aims of the partnership initiative are to -

  • reduce incidents of ASB during both Halloween and Bonfire night
  • help protect the elderly and the vulnerable
  • help protect unsupervised children
  • provide guidance and support to communities by working with partner agencies

Illegal firework sales to young people

It is illegal to sell fireworks to young people under 18. If you suspect a business is selling fireworks to underage people, report it to us.

Find out more about firework safety on the DirectGov website

Report illegal sales to young people

If you are concerned about a firework seller our trading standards section can provide you with advice about and investigate complaints regarding the -

  • storage of fireworks
  • sale and supply of fireworks
  • underage sales of fireworks
  • the type of firework which can be sold
  • the maximum noise level for certain fireworks
  • when fireworks can be sold

If you are a business you must not give your waste to anyone who contacts you asking if they can use the waste for a bonfire. Access further information on illegal waste carriers.

If you are a resident you must not use Bonfire Night to burn your household waste on the highway, public land or open spaces.

Fly tipping

Fly tipping is a crime regardless of whether this happens on Bonfire Night. We treat fly tipping very seriously and will pursue those responsible where evidence is available to identify and locate those responsible.

What to do if you find fly tipped waste

  • report it to us using the form below
  • don’t touch the waste, it may contain syringes, chemicals or other hazardous substances
  • don’t disturb the site as it may contain evidence to help us identify those responsible
  • tell us if the waste contains details of who the waste belongs to 
  • tell us if you can see any CCTV in the area for example local businesses and houses 
  • tell us if you have any CCTV,  dashcam footage, video or photographs 

Access our online form below to report fly tipping or dumped rubbish -