Fire safety in high rise flats

As a responsible landlord, we take all reasonable actions to ensure the safety of our tenants. This is particularly the case with fire safety in high rise flats. The high rise flats have been built with fire safety in mind. Specially designed walls and doors that separate the flats from communal areas resist the spread of fire and smoke. This means that communal areas can provide a safe escape route should fire break out.

If a fire occurs in your flat

You and the rest of your family should leave immediately closing all doors behind you and then raise the alarm by telephoning 999. If possible, close the door of the room that is affected by the fire and the front door of the flat. Follow the instructions below -

  • do not use balconies unless they are part of an official escape route as clearly signed
  • use the nearest available phone to call the fire and rescue service once you are in a place of safety
  • give a precise address and include the name of the town, the nearest main road, the number of your home and what floor it is situated on
  • wait in a safe area away from any heat or smoke for the fire and rescue service to arrive
  • in no circumstances attempt to re enter your flat
  • if the door to the room in which the fire started is closed then the fire is unlikely to spread to any other part(s) before the fire and rescue service arrive
  • do not use the lift.  In an emergency, firefighters may use a lift to gain access to the affected floor(s)
  • if you have to leave your flat and cannot get to the open air without using a lift, then the fire protection of the stairwell should be sufficient for you to remain there until help arrives. The stairwells serving your flat or floor area are on the same level to assist people with disabilities

Fires elsewhere in the building

Most high rise flats are constructed to delay the spread of fire for up to an hour. Therefore, you should be relatively safe to remain within your flat if you become aware of a fire in another part of the building.

However, if your flat becomes affected by heat or smoke from elsewhere in the building, or you feel that your safety is compromised in any way, then leave at once closing windows and doors behind you if it is safe to do so.

If you think the fire is directly below or above your flat we recommend that, if it is safe to do so, you leave the building by the nearest exit.

If you become aware of a fire in your building, or are unsure what to do, telephone 999 and follow the operator’s instruction making sure you have given the operator your exact address and location within the flat.

Evacuation plan

We recommend that you, members of your family and visitors to your home take the time to know what your personal fire safety plan is should there be an emergency. 

Visit the GOV.UK website for fire safety top tips

Communal areas

Please do not leave any rubbish or unwanted furniture anywhere inside the communal areas of the flats as this causes a fire hazard.  The communal area includes entrances, exit areas and lifts. If you have any bulky items that you need collecting, we provide a collection service which is free for up to five items in one collection a year. 

Find out more about our bulky item collection service