School admissions consultations

All schools must determine their admissions arrangements before 28 February each year. Any school that wants to make an amendment to their admissions arrangements (unless increasing their PAN) must consult on their proposed arrangements for a six week period between 1 October and 31 January.

School admissions arrangements 2020-2021 consultation

We are consulting to make an amendment to the admissions arrangements for Community Primary Schools.  

In line with guidelines issued by the Department of Education we are proposing -

  • to amend the definition of a Looked After Child to include pupils who have been looked after out of England and have since become adopted.

The local authority are not the admission authority for any secondary school in Hull and therefore are only proposing a change to the primary school arrangements.

Consultation documents

Consultation on the above documents will take place between - 

  •  20 November 2018 and 10 January 2019

Use the button below to access our consultation form and provide your feedback.

There are three Coordinated Admissions Schemes that provide details on how applications for entry into reception, year seven or any in year application will be coordinated for all schools by the local authority.  

Any school that is its own admission authority is able to consult on their own admission arrangements and must publish their consultation documents on the school website.  If you want to check the current or proposed arrangements for any school please refer to the schools website.

We have been advised that the following schools are currently consulting on their admission arrangements for 2020-2021.  Full details of their proposed arrangements and details of how to comment on the arrangements are available by visiting the school’s website.

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