Drainage and sewage services

We provide the following services -

  • investigate requests relating to
    • blocked and defective water closets
    • gullies
    • drains and sewers where necessary
    • serving legal notices to ensure blockages are promptly cleared
    • the investigation of suspect deficit WCs
  • clearing obstructed WCs, gullies, drains and sewers by
    • plunging 
    • rodding
    • jetting at a pre-determined charge
  • giving free technical and legal advice on drainage problems

How to keep drains clear

  • only get rid of the normal contents of your toilet, washing machine, dishwasher and kitchen sink waste through the drainage system
  • food waste and cooled fat, oils or other solid matter should be put into plastic bags and put in the bin. Hot fat should be allowed to cool before throwing out.
  • don't put cotton buds, nappies, female toiletries etc down toilets. Put them in the bin or in a special waste disposal system if one is available
  • putting a degreasing agent into drains occasionally may help prevent the build up of fat in the drainage system
  • don't pour oils (like engine oil) down the drain, but get rid of them safely in containers provided at the tips
  • watch out for needle stick injuries - never put your hand into a drain or gully

How to request drain services

Please contact us on 01482 300 300 to request a drain service.

When making a request for service we require -

  • your name 
  • address
  • telephone number
  • if it is a commercial property we will need the
    • company name
    • address
    • telephone number
  • the address where the problem is
  • who the owner of the property is (council or private)
  • if other houses affected (council or private)
  • if anyone tried to clear it
  • how bad the issue is
  • if any raw sewage is present
  • has it been reported before
  • times when you are available
  • if you have any specific requirements the officer needs to be aware of when they call

Drainage services

Drain tests/investigations (smoke test, CCTV, dye tests, etc).

All prices inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated.

Work type Cost
Smoke test for rat investigation in privately owned domestic property Free of charge 
All other work/premises £110 per hour
Service of Notice (admin charge VAT exempt) £23 per notice 

You can contact us via -

Telephone - 01482 300 300
Email - environmental.health@hullcc.gov.uk