Fly-posting is against the law. 

Unlawful advertisements are often displayed by persons to promote their goods, trade, events, business or other concerns and can take the form of a variety of forms ranging from posters, stickers, signs, banners and billboards. These can be found displayed-

  • on the public highway 
  • public open spaces 
  • on street furniture e.g. lamp posts, traffics lights, directional and road traffic signs, pedestrian barriers
  • without obtaining  planning consent, or failing to comply with certain planning conditions
  • on private property land without the permission of the owner 

In most instances fly posters can be found displayed where they can be seen by the widest audience and a result of this, they often cause an obstruction, nuisance or danger to road and footpath users and pose a risk to road safety. 

Action against unlawful advertisements 

We will respond to any information provided in confidence and will investigate reports and contact those responsible for any unlawful advertisements. If not removed we will remove them and take enforcement action.

Enforcement action may be taken against those caught fly posting and persons benefiting from any illegally displayed advertisement. This could result in prosecution or a fixed penalty for each advertisement. For example, 5 unlawfully displayed fly posters could result in £500 in fixed penalties being issued. 

If enforcement action is taken, we may recover costs incurred for the removal of any advertisements involved. 

If we are unable to establish the person who displayed an advert, or the person benefiting from any advertisment this will be removed without notice.

Advertising guidelines

Not all adverts are illegal. 

As long as guidelines are followed, conditions complied with and relevant permissions are sought, you may be able to advertise your event.


If your advertisement is for profit or gain, you should minimise the risk of enforcement action by contacting us to check whether you need permission before displaying any adverts. 

Charities and Community events 

If you are holding a community event or for charitable purposes, consent may be granted to display advertisements and temporary notices.

If you wish to enquire whether consent is required and permission would be granted, you can do this by submitting an application for consent to display an advertisement.

Access to find out more

Report unlawful advertisements

If you wish to report any advertisements you think are being unlawfully displayed contact us on 01482 300 300