Health and Wellbeing Survey 2019

We are carrying out a survey in Hull to find out about people’s health and wellbeing.  We would like to find out about people’s health and wellbeing so that we know how we can best help improve public health across the city.

We have asked a company called Information by Design to do the survey for us.  

The survey will take place between -

  • February and June 2019

We would like 4,000 people aged 16 or older who live in Hull to fill out the survey for us.

If you or a relative have been asked to fill out a survey, we would be very grateful if you could do so.

Information by Design are asking a mix of Hull men and women aged 16 years and older to take part in the survey. 

They will be knocking on people’s doors throughout the whole city to ask if people would like to take part in the survey.  If people agree to take part, they will ask the person to fill out the survey.  They will then organise a time that they can come back to collect the completed survey.

All interviewers are trained and carry identification to show that they work for Information by Design.

They are also going to carry a letter to say that we have asked them to do the survey for Hull City Council.  The letter is signed by our Director of Public Health and Adult Services and by our Consultant in Public Health Medicine.  They will leave a letter with every person who agrees to fill out a survey form for us.


All answers that people give are confidential, and information used in reports will be anonymous.  No one accessing the final report knows who gave what answers or even who took part in the survey.

Your personal information will not be shared with anyone else.

The Information by Design interviewer will ask for the name and contact details of all people who complete the survey.  All research companies who are members of the Market Research Society do this. It is so they can check that forms have been filled out properly. They plan to telephone one in every ten people who filled out a survey form.  No-one has to give them their name if they do not want to.  If someone does fill out a survey form for us and gives their name, another person at Information by Design may contact them afterwards to check it was them who answered the questions.  Once this check has been done, no-one will contact you about the survey again.  No one will pass your name or contact details to anyone else.

Information by Design give our Public Health team your answers, but not your name or contact details.  They only send our Public Health team the answers electronically, and not the actual paper survey you completed.  The paper survey forms are kept by Information by Design for a short time so that any queries can be answered, but all the paper survey forms will be securely destroyed by Information by Design by the end of September 2019.

The Public Health team who produce the reports don’t know who the people are who have completed the forms.  They also do not know which homes Information by Design have visited to fill out the questionnaire.

What happens next?

Once the Public Health team analyses the information and produces a report, it will be available on a Hull City Council website where you can look at the report and see what Hull’s health and wellbeing looks like.  It will not be possible to identify or know who took part in the survey from looking at the report.

The results help us understand health and wellbeing in Hull so we know how we can provide services which will help to improve people’s health and wellbeing.  

People's Panel

The survey will ask you if you want to join Hull’s People’s Panel. If you said that you want to become a member of the People’s Panel, Information by Design will pass on your contact details to the People’s Panel staff.  They will not pass on any other information from the survey. The staff that look after Hull’s People’s Panel will then make contact with you after the survey has ended to tell you more about the People’s Panel and how you can become involved.