Home to School Transport Privacy Notice

To make sure a child or young person’s home to school transport arrangements can be organised accurately, information is required. This information is recorded either electronically or on paper.  You can be confident we will look after any information that you share with us-

  • personal information
  • emergency contact details
  • child or young person’s health and behaviour information
  • bank details

You can be confident that we will-

  • only use the information provided in ways we need to and is expected of us
  • store securely in line with our ICT/data acceptable usage guidelines and records management policy
  • only hold information for the period of time in line with our retention and disposal standards
  •  destroy any information held safe and securely

We also may need to use information held to assist with-

  • reviewing future transport arrangements to ensure it is of the highest standard and quality
  • managing the council’s services and ensuring services can meet future demands and expectations
  • investigating queries and complaints
  • preparing statistics on council performance
  • auditing council activities and services
  • safeguarding vulnerable adults and children

For these purpose we use anonymous data wherever possible.

Everyone working within children, young people,  family services and passenger transport service has a legal duty to keep information confidential.  We will not share information unless-

  • we have good reason to believe that failing to share the information will put a child at risk of serious harm or abuse
  • it is necessary to prevent, detect, investigate or punish a serious crime

We will always gain consent to share information held.

Should you require further information as to how information is processed by us or wish to complain please contact: Hull City Council, Data Protection Officer, Room 11, The Guildhall, Hull   HU1 2AA.