Privacy Notice - Adult Social Care

To make sure you receive the best possible support and care, records are kept about your health and social care needs and any information and advice, support or services we provide. These can be kept both electronically and on paper. This information will be used to manage the care and support you receive from Hull's Adult Social Care Service. We may also need to use information about you to-

  • review the care and support we provide to ensure it is of the highest standard and quality
  • protect the health of the general public
  • manage the council's services and ensure services can meet future needs
  • investigate queries, complaints and legal claims
  • ensure the council receives payment for the care and support you receive
  • prepare statistics on council performance
  • audit council activities and services
  • undertake social care and health research and development
  • help to train and educate social care and healthcare professionals
  • safeguard vulnerable adults and children

For these purposes we use anonymous data wherever possible. 

Everyone working within the health and social care service has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential. We will not share information unless-

  • we are carrying out a specific task in the public interest or carrying out tasks as a public authority as laid down by law
  • we have good reason to believe that failing to share the information will put you or someone else at risk of serious harm or abuse
  • it is necessary to prevent, detect, investigate or punish a serious crime

Where we need to gain your consent to share information we will do so but this will not always be covered by the consent you provide to receive a service, support or treatment. 

Accurate information is vital to providing support and care. If any of your details have changed, please inform the social care department.

You have the right of access to information we hold about you. If you want to see your records please speak to a member of staff involved in your care and support.

If you would like to know more about how we use your information or if you do not wish to have your information used in any of the ways described, please raise with a member of staff involved in your care and support, wherever possible we will try to comply with your wishes. Your care and support will not be affected if you wish to do this.

Further details of how we process personal information can be found here.