Council tax discretionary reduction

We have the discretionary power to reduce a liability for council tax where you can demonstrate you are in exceptional grave hardship and have had all other discounts, disregards, exemptions and reductions applied. The reduction can apply to an individual or a group of people. An application can be made for any domestic property where Council Tax is chargeable. 

The amount of reduction is decided by us and is intended to be for short term temporary assistance. The cost of reducing the amount of Council Tax, under these discretionary powers is met by us at the expense of all the city’s Council Tax payers.

Each application is treated on its own individual merits and must demonstrate evidence of exceptional grave hardship. You must satisfy us that you have taken all reasonable steps to resolve your situation prior to making an application and must provide supporting evidence. This can include the following evidence -

  • a letter from a professional to support your grave hardship
  • evidence of all income received
  • proof of  savings, investments or property
  • evidence of any arrears
  • evidence of call up papers and end of duty notifications for members of the Volunteer Reserve Forces

The amount outstanding must not be the result of any intentional non-payment.

To make a claim, download, complete and return the Discretionary Council Tax reduction application form below.